Al Garcia: Guitarist, Bassist, Composer


"an exceptionally good multi-instrumentatlist...Tampering with Nature combines the best of jazz fusion, progressive rock, classical, guitar hero rock, and Latin music elements... Tampering with Nature is an exceptionally good album that will please fusion and progressive rock fans alike."

- (Angel Romero) Full Review

"Fusion lives! of the most stimulating fusion recordings of the past couple of years. It is easily recommended.."

-L.A. Jazz Scene (Scott Yanow) Full Review

"...this is a great record, featuring beautiful guitar tones and often-breathtaking playing from beginning to end."

- Guitar Player Magazine (Barry Cleveland ) Full Review

"Equally skilled on electric bass as he is on guitar, Al Garcia is a powerful fusion musician who has no difficulties with complex chord changes or time signatures. Influenced by Allan Holdsworth, he is also a solid strait ahead player when that is the context."

-from The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide book (by Scott Yanow)

"If you are at all interested in the music of Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Jeff Berlin, Return to Forever, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, you owe it to yourself to check out All Things Must Converge. Al Garcia is a musician of many talents, and they are fully on display here for all jazz-fusion fans to enjoy."

- (Pete Pardo)
Full Review

"What great music! I love your tone and touch and the ideas are wonderful --
beautiful, creative stuff -- and on both guitar and bass! Wow!"

- Michael Manring (Bassist Extraordinaire)

"...features breathtaking solos on guitar and bass. ...this is an excellent CD that will bear many, many listens."

- (Kai Horsthemke) Full Review

"It's another enjoyable release from Al Garcia that yields more with each listen; he has completed a hat-trick, to put it in hockey parlance... three solid releases in row." Score 5 out of 5 stars.

- (Stephanie Sollow) Full Review

"Everytime I hear a new cd by Al I can only smile knowing he must get as much pleasure in creating his music, as I do in listening to it. So there you go, not one, not two, but three solid can't miss fusion cds by this multi-faceted artist"

-Proggnosis Web Site (MJ Brady) Full Review

"A brilliant composer and guitar player, Al Garcia released what we can call an excelent example of jazz rock oriented fusion although the material on the CD goes beyond narrow classifications. Unexpected and stimulating, the music on "Alternate Realities" is a journey through the universe of jazz rock and progressive fusion blended by a master musician. From monumental compositions, lighting guitar solos, latin percussion interventions to sophisticated ethereal textures, this album has everything to delight fusion fans. "


"Each and every track is well written, constructed and performed and there are no filler tracks to be found on All Things Must Converge. What else can I say, well another thing I like about Al's music is that it remains accessible throughout. Now it would be all too easy with the man's obvious talent to end up with an album that would appeal mainly to guitar and bass players, however I don't believe this is the case. And although the music is complex and intricate it is also melodic and structured. There is also a airy, lightness to the pieces that not only allow the music to breathe, but as an aside gives a clarity to the pieces. "

-The Dutch Progressive Rock Page (Bob Mulvey) Full Review

" There is something special about the way Al Garcia plays his guitar, something original and vibrant in his techniques for performance that linger in the jazz listener's mind long, long after the song is finished. Each time the listener returns to the songs, different feelings are evoked and encountered. Al Garcia is an original."

- (Lee Prosser) Full Review

"Once in a long while something will cross our desks here that really captures the imagination as to what could be thought of as the perfect balance of a 'bass album' and a 'songwriter's album'. Al Garcia strikes pretty close to that ideal with his newest release, entitled Make it So. Now, this guy has got to be one of the best-kept secrets in the bass world. Killer chops and with a flawless sense of understatement ... it is a simple fact that his album Make it So is, due to its many strengths, one of the best CD's we have yet encountered in this magazine's life to date. Highly recommended! "

- Bass Inside Magazine ( Warren Murchie)        Full Interview

"Impeccable bass, soaring guitar, lush synth tones, ethnic percussion, and tasty drumming can all be found on Al Garcia's solo release Make It So. Al Garcia is a master bassist, and this is the best CD I have heard in quite a while... Ladies and Gentlemen, I am stunned. I cannot say enough good things about this CD. Buy it. Now!"

- (Scott Hubbell)       Full Review

"...the music provides a depth of complexity that reaches far beyond most fusion that is being heaped out these days. At the point of this review, my feelings are that Al Garcia needs to be heard by the fusion circles that are existing today, this cd rates as some of the most well arranged instrumental music I have had the pleasure of musing over in recent years, and as for his playing? It's rare when I cannot tell a multi-tasking artist's first instrument, and in Al's case, it's really blurry to me whether he prefers the bass over the guitar, not that it matters, as his mastery of each is ever present through each song here, he displays not only true artistic expression on each instrument, but also quite a diverse arsenal of genre's are exhibited as well."

-Proggnosis Web Site (MJ Brady) Full Review

"...I can tell you that Al Garcia is going to be a household name within the fusion genre. He is one of the more proficient multi-instrumentalists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. ...Al Garcia’s guitar playing is very much on par with Allan Holdsworth and his bass playing could be compared to any one of the greats past and present. ...I would recommend that all fusion fans get Alternate Realities today. " (Ron Fuchs) Full Review

"If alternate realites are anything like this release from Al Garica, they are all smooth flowing with precision craftsmanship of articulate and beautiful musicianship."

-Bass Frontiers Magazine ( Full Review

"If finely crafted, melodic fusion instrumentals are your bag, then I can recommend this album (Alternate Realities) to you unreservedly. Top drawer stuff!"

-The Dutch Progressive Rock Page (Bob Mulvey) Full Review


"Al Garcia performs with verve, and in this unique collection (Alternate Realities), his mastery of the guitar is apparent.  His music has feeling, and it is reflected in his excellent guitar work.  At all times, the listener is aware of his great talent and his love of jazz. For a jazz guitarist with an eclectic style, give Al Garcia a listen.  You won't be disappointed, but delighted with this man's intriguing and enjoyable performances.  Very nice!"

- (Lee Prosser) Full Review

"Make It So is one of those rare jazz albums with universal appeal. Al’s playing is absolutely joyous. The positive energy he creates seems boundless. I recommend this album to all music lovers, from the hardcore jazzer to the hardcore rocker. It may sound sappy, but I don’t care: this album will make you feel good... The album is of such even high quality that it’s difficult to pick favorites. There are no stinkers on this album; you get great music from start to finish... The compositions communicate a joy, a love of music. The mood they convey is akin to that of Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, and Jeff Berlin. Uplifting. Positive. Good, in the best sense of the word.
9.5 out of 10 Keyboards."

- (Jeffrey Ryan Smoots)    Full Review

"...Garcia brilliantly paces the (almost) all-instrumental Alternate Realities — allowing the music to become more animated and adventurous as the disc’s 57 minutes unwind. dexterous man who appears to be equally skilled on any instrument he touches. " (Michael Popke) Full Review

"Dans ‘Alternate Realities’, Al Garcia combine parfaitement des éléments de jazz-rock fusion, rock progressif, quelques touches de classique, jazz, latino, space rock et électro. Une magnifique ouverture sur le monde musical d’aujourd’hui et d’hier. Inventif à souhait ! Un album instrumental
au charme indéniable."

- (Salvatore BALDACCHINO)

"...his guitars both figuratively and literally walk on water. Alternate Realities is not only impressive, it’s multi-dimensional. "

--Upbeat and More (Joshua Turner) Full Review

"Al Garcia wants to prove that the bass is not only a rhythm instrument, and that jazz and fusion are not dead; and reaches both objectives in such a masterful way that no more doubts can arise about either topic. Rating: 10 out of 10"

- (Marco Piva)    Full Review  

"It is a very satisfying release sure to please bass centered and general jazz fans alike. A very tastefully done, well balanced jazz release sure to spend a lot of time in your player. Recommended.  Rating:  5/5 "

- (Stephanie Sollow)     Full Review

"This cd is a must for fusion fans, and proves that melody and improvisation can go hand in hand."

-Keys and Chords(Patrick Van de Wiele ) Full Review (Dutch)

"Guitarist Al Garcia shows us that Fusion Jazz is far from dead... It is the kind of Jazz that will take you away on it’s storied journey." 

-    Full Review

"Fusion has long been castigated by those who prefer acoustic jazz or mistake it with the recent smooth music. Al Garcia on Alternate Realities shows that there is plenty of creativity and life to be found in creative fusion. Alternate Realities is recommended.."

- L.A. Jazz Scene (Scott Yanow)    Full Review

"Garcia is an impeccable bassist and guitar player... This record will take you back on an interstellar journey to the glory days of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jack Bruce, and Return to Forever."

-Turk's Head Review     Full Review

"Al Garcia is a master of the bass guitar, and he uses it to great advantage on this original collection of songs he composed. The music has wide appeal and will be enjoyable by all jazz groups. His technique for playing is flawless, and he makes every note soar with beauty. If you want something new in contemporary jazz sounds, take several listens to Al Garcia's performances in the collection MAKE IT SO. Top performances by one of the fine young guitars now performing. Likeable. Unique. "

- (Lee Prosser)    Full Review

... he weaves tasteful tendrils of fusion heat without kissing the sneakers of Jaco and Stanley.  An excellent offering from an artist to watch.

- All About Jazz (Todd Jenkins)    Full Review


"A l’écoute, ces neuf titres se révèlent de belle qualité et d’une équivalente attractivité. La maîtrise technique du bougre est indiscutable tant aux basses de tout types qu’aux guitares acoustiques, électriques ou synthétiseurs. Malgré la prédominance de ces deux catégories d'instruments, les percussions n’apparaissent jamais bâclées ou dans un rôle négligeable, quel qu’en soit l’exécutant. L’ensemble reste toujours fluide et harmonieux, d’une belle rondeur, sans la moindre faute de goût et éloigné des acrobaties de cirque, le standard de certains."

-Music in Belgium ( Jean-Pierre Lhoir) Full Review


 "One of our new favorites here at abstractlogix. Al Garcia has successfully fusioned classical , jazz and rock elements into this brilliant record. The diversity of sound, stunning compostions and technical display is very vivid. Al paints colorful textures with his thumping bass playing and he is a heck of a guitar player too. A must listen for all music fans."

-     Full Review

"Al Garcia has put together a very enjoyable collection of delectable fusion tracks rooted in savvy stylisms.
... the depth and sophisticated tonality of the compositions will surely appeal to a wide audience of jazz and fusion fans."

- Eclectic Earwig Reviews (Chris Ruel)   Full Review

"Rarely have I heard a musician that can double on the bass and guitar with the proficiency that I am hearing from Al Garcia...  If you are a lover of the bass, jazzfusion, and Holdsworthian guitar, Al Garcia has a cd for you to check out..."

- Prognosis Web Site (MJ Brady)    Full Review

"It is sound for those who enjoy the technical skills of playing the sounds which is becoming rare around us."

- CyberFusion          Full Review (Japanese)

...a solid lesson in the untapped riches of the bass."

- Splendid (Justin Kownacki)    Full Review

"The sound is so rounded and full... This album will surely get a lot of playtime...

- The Jazz-Rock Network    Full Review

" 9 out of 10 stars"

- Muzika.Bosnia.Ba (Branimir Bane Lokner)   Full Review (Serbian)


"The music overall could be called fusion, but it is pretty wide-ranging as far as moods and grooves go. The leader's colorful playing, the wide textures that he creates, and the very professional feel of the privately produced CD is quite impressive. Well worth searching for."

- All Music Guide(Scott Yanow :author of Afro-Cuban Jazz, editor of All Music Guide to Jazz, contributor to Downbeat, Jazz Times, Cadence, and other periodicals)        Full Review  

"Alfred's unique composing style incorporates classical elements with fusion chops, the end result sounding like a cross between Beethoven and Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U. His bass playing should appeal to fans of Jeff Berlin ... his guitar style might attract fans of Holdsworth."

- Guitar Player Magazine      Full Review

"...Alfred Garcia  plays a four-string electric bass that sounds (The strings resonate like gut.) and feels close to the real thing with the advantage of fuller audibility. That the music works as well as it does (It is  remarkably uncluttered.) is due mainly to how much these musicians enjoy playing together. "

- All About Jazz
(from a review of a Quarteto Nuevo Performance)

 Quarteto Nuevo Reviews

 "A group that's creating a buzz is QUARTETO NUEVO, which combine the talents of Alfred Garcia- Bass, Christopher Garcia - tabla, percussion, Randy Gloss - pandeiro, riq, dumbek, Alan Lechusza - oboe, soprano saxophone, flutes, and Ken Rosser - guitars, stringed instruments. They ambitiously play compositions by Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Egberto Gismonti, Paul Motian, etc., along with original compositions.
The musical approach is quite sophisticated.......


- LA Jazz Scene

"Quarteto Nuevo, jamming a jazzical tip on their own compositions and those of Latinate faves
 such as Egberto Gismonti. Christopher Garcia - Percussion, Randy Gloss - percussion,
Ken Rosser - guitars, Alan Lechusza on woodwinds and Alfred Garcia on bass
 will bring a warm wind to a winter evening".


- LA Weekly
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Continuum Reviews

CONTINUUM takes care of the listener from head to toe. For the head the band lays out a clever mix of styles, from Jazz to Funk to Progressive-Rock, which holds the listeners attention: For the toes (and for that matter, the hips) upbeat grooves and tightly rendered meter changes. From top to bottom, this is a swinging band."

- Titus Levi - Discoveries Reviewer, Keyboard Magazine

"CONTINUUM/YOU TELL ME; Okay I'll tell you - this is some of the best jazz fusion I've heard, bar none. The bass and synths particularly kill...."

- Music Technology