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Reviewer: Jeff Charney
Review Date: December 2002

Guitarist Al Garcia shows us that Fusion Jazz is far from dead. Playing various basses, guitars and percussion instruments this disc puts me right back into the early to mid 1970ís when this flavored music was at its peak. The title track, which kicks off the disc makes me think Iím listening to some old Al Di Meola. Up tempo and just burning guitar licks. "The Unexpected Answer" showcases Garciaís bass ability with that instrument and some percussion only in a mixture of a jazz and new world sound. "Communique" might be my favorite song on the CD. It seems to have a lot of jamminí jazz influenced in more of a dramatic way. A composition that somebody like Pat Metheny would enjoy. I love the marimba sound on it, too. There are a few tracks with more of a World taste like "Harmonic Sketch #1" and "Journey To The Center Of The Earth." I didnít really care for these pieces, but not for any lack musicianship. The style just doesnít do anything for me. "A Bird In The Hand/Mosaic" has like a Straight Ahead feel in the bass playing in the beginning of the song before it segues into some hard core Fusion. Extremely interesting. Youíll probably never hear this disc on the radio, but if you come across it in your CD bin donít discard it. I believe that youíll listen to it quite a few times. It is the kind of Jazz that will take you away on itís storied journey. Garcia is also currently a member of the jazz/rock group Continuum and the world music chamber ensemble Quarteto Nuevo which would explain the type of music you will find on Make It So.