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Reviewer: Chris Ruel
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April 2003

Al Garcia serves up a heaping helping of straight-ahead fusion playing guitar and bass on his 2002 release Make It So. The effort is centered around Garcia's tactful arrangements comprised of jazzy chordal voicings, grooving bass lines, and aggressive yet refined guitar work that is reminiscent of Al Di Meola. Garcia strikes a good balance between progressive jazz elements and coherent composition with easily accessible motifs.

The title Track, "Make It So", is a tasty composition that balances fluid movement, delicately phrased progressions, and aggressive soloing to contrast. "Cloud Ten" follows with its savory melodies that explore progressive tonality that conjures memories of Frank Gambale's searing harmonic melodies. The well-conceived chordal phrasings on "The Heart of the Matter" indulge in tasty tonal exploration that is voiced with crystalline guitar tones that illuminate the incandescent harmonization. "Communique" features a Spanish-flavored melodic theme that is articulated with xylophone-ish instrumentation again reminiscent of the Al Di Meola world music style instrumental texturing. "Communique" is a stylish composition that centers around its classy themes that require only a single listening for the listener to latch onto.

Al Garcia has put together a very enjoyable collection of delectable fusion tracks rooted in savvy stylisms. Though the arrangements are focused on refinement more than aggression, the depth and sophisticated tonality of the composition will surely appeal to a wide audience of jazz and fusion fans.