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Reviewer: Lee Prosser
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March 2011



All Things Must Converge is a memorable listening experience, and the orginal jazz compositions are well-conceived, lively, and enjoyable listening. Al Garcia plays guitars, and other instruments, and these songs are his creation.

Al Garcia has a big, lovely talent, and it is much in evidence with this collection. The CD features eight songs. They include "Labyrinth," "The Eternal Cycle," the memorable "Lingua Franca" with its intriguing harmony, "A Distant Mirror," "Two Shakes," "As Luck Would Have It," "I've Been Known," and "Simulacra." The jazz listener will find his or her own favorites in this fine CD collection.

If you are looking for something different, and enjoyable listening, full of verve and creative imagination, then give this CD collection by Al Garcia a listening! You will find it fascinating. There is something special about the way Al Garcia plays his guitar, something original and vibrant in his techniques for performance that linger in the jazz listener's mind long, long after the song is finished. Each time the listener returns to the songs, different feelings are evoked and encountered. Al Garcia is an original.

Great jazz from one of the finest jazz guitarists creating and performing contemporary jazz music in today's jazz scene. Al Garcia is a master of the jazz guitar, and All Things Must Converge is a prime example of that! Highly recommended.


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