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Reviewer: Marco Piva
Review Date: June 2004

The bass virtuoso Al Garcia publishes this beautiful “Make It So” underlining the very close relationship still existing between jazz and progressive.

All the sounds Garcia draws from his bass (pictured on the CD cover) and his guitar could easily be inserted in a jazz context, but this undoubtedly is a progressive record, or better, it can be contextualized in that midway genre called fusion, marking the link between jazz and prog.

Garcia’s fingers on the (often fretless) keyboard of his bass draw dreamlike atmospheres in which the listener is drawn almost by force, between tropical-like suggestions and passages that make think one of the dense fog so typical of many horror movies – or, if you prefer, of the Italian North-Eastern plain.

Al Garcia wants to prove that bass is not only a rhythm instrument, and that jazz and fusion are not dead; and reaches both objectives in such a masterful way that no more doubts can arise about either topic.

So, Congratulations to Al Garcia.

Vote: 10/10