Website or Magazine: Guitar Player Magazine
Reviewer: Mike Varney
Review Date: March 1986

A bassist since age 13, Alfred was originally influenced by Jack Bruce with Cream and Felix Pappalardi with Mountain. He credits John McLaughlin's music with introducing him to the possibility of combining emotional depth and complex musical ideas with the intensity of rock. As he progressed, Alfred became more interested in jazz and added classical greats such as Bach and Beethoven to his required listening. After seeing Allan Holdsworth five years ago, he was inspired to take up guitar as a means of expressing a different side of his musical personality.

Alfred's unique composing style incorporates classical elements with fusion chops, the end result sounding like a cross between Beethoven and Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U. His bass playing should appeal to fans of Jeff Berlin. More on a compositional level that for its solos, his guitar style might attract fans of Holdsworth. Currently playing with the band Svajati, Alfred hopes to release an album of original material.