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Reviewer: Lee Prosser
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July 2006



Al Garcia has long been at the front in mixing various intricate jazz styles for guitar performance.  His original compositions reflect his innate ability to create unusual jazz motifs for a contemporary jazz setting.

There are nine songs on this fine CD.  The songs include "Alternate Realities," "Turning Point," "The Red Queen's Race," "Secret Correspondences," "Materia Prima," "Three of a Kind," "The Pleasures of Progress," "A Place in the Sun," and "Calculated Risk."  Each song in this eclectic collection is sure to please the jazz listening audience. There is definitely something for everybody in this imaginative collection!

"The Red Queen's Race" is unique in its harmonic balance and handling of jazz motifs, as is the "Secret Correspondences."  Each song gives a different approach to a jazz theme, then develops it nicely into a full-fledged color photograph filled with sparkling musical details.  "Turning Point" will have a wide appeal for its unusual guitar techniques.

Al Garcia performs with verve, and in this unique collection, his mastery of the guitar is apparent.  His music has feeling, and it is reflected in his excellent guitar work.  At all times, the listener is aware of his great talent and his love of jazz.

For a jazz guitarist with an eclectic style, give Al Garcia a listen.  You won't be disappointed, but delighted with this man's intriguing and enjoyable performances.  Very nice!


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