Website or Magazine: L.A. Jazz Scene
Scott Yanow
Review Date:
June 2011

Fusion lives! Although many naysayers have declared the combination of jazz improvisations with the sound and rhythms of rock to be either a musical aberration or an extinct style since 1980, the music has continued to prosper (at least artistically) whenever it is explored by creative musicians.

Al Garcia is a very talented musician. On All Things Must Converge he plays all of the instruments via overdubbing. A rockish guitarist inspired by Allan Holdsworth and Al Dimeola, he is also heard on guitar synthesizer, bass guitars, drums, congas and percussion. To his great credit, the playing on his eight originals always sounds as if it is performed by at least three or four musicians, and it is never obvious that is was not recorded live.

Garcia’s eight originals are complex, feature close interplay between his instruments and, even with the heated guitar and bass solos, it is primarily an ensemble music. The complex yet memorable themes, the high musicianship, and the constant inventiveness make All Things Must Converge into one of the most stimulating fusion recordings of the past couple of years. It is easily recommended and is available from