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This site is dedicated to Jazz Fusion and related genres with a special emphasis on Jazz/Rock fusion.



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Al Garcia: Tampering with Nature

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“Imagine a musician with equal facility on bass AND guitar. He plays guitar like Allan Holdsworth and plays bass like Jeff Berlin. Is he human? Is he from this planet“ (Jeffrey Ryan Smoots)

"...the music provides a depth of complexity that reaches far beyond most fusion that is being heaped out these days. At the point of this review, my feelings are that Al Garcia needs to be heard by the fusion circles that are existing today, this cd rates as some of the most well arranged instrumental music I have had the pleasure of musing over in recent years." -- Proggnosis (MJ Brady)

"...I can tell you that Al Garcia is going to be a household name within the fusion genre. He is one of the more proficient multi-instrumentalists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. ...Al Garcia’s guitar playing is very much on par with Allan Holdsworth and his bass playing could be compared to any one of the greats past and present. ...I would recommend that all fusion fans get Alternate Realities today. " -- (Ron Fuchs)