"On Demania, the trio delivers masterful, confident improvisations that float in an environment
as energetic as it is luxurious and spacious"

--- Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"...a jaw-dropping performance mixing warmth, humor, inventiveness and monster chops.
...Each member of the group is a master ...a musician's musician."

--- San Jose Mercury News

"Extreme musical diversity underscores the improvised, unexpected arrangements of de Mania...Their influences range from ethnic folk to traditional jazz and classical."

--- The Denver Post

"Like Fleck and Corea,   you'll find a lot of doubling on rhythmically complex melodies and plenty of solos for each.   For anyone interested in World music styles this is a great recording that is very well written and played."

--- Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

"...they merge their non-traditional instrumentation with an unrivaled degree
of technical prowess and diverse fusion of genre... sensitive sonic textures, complex
harmonic structures, lyrical melodies, intricate rhythmic figures, and odd meter grooves"

--- InstituteofBass.com

"Masterful artistry and finesse reigns supreme throughout... "

--- eJazz news

"...they can enwrap audiences with innovative arrangements, funky compositions and extended improvisation."

--- The Boise Weekly

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