Al Garcia: Guitarist, Bassist, Composer B


Al Garcia plays 4, 5, and 6 string fretted and fretless basses and various 6 string electric and acoustic guitars. He uses digital technology to record, compose, and perform music and plays a guitar synthesizer to gain access to sounds usually unavailable to string players. Al uses this varied sonic palette to create a wide variety of  moods and textures in his music.

Al has performed and recorded many types of music. These include jazz fusion, progressive rock, jazz- rock, afro-cuban, blues, country, and reggae.Al believes this varied experience is responsible for his desire to create music that transcends musical boundaries yet remains respectful of tradition.

Al's musical influences are wide ranging and include the music of Allan Holdsworth, J.S. Bach, Charlie Parker, Bela Bartok, Eric Johnson, Jaco Pastorious, John McLaughlin, Brand X, ELP, Yes, Black Sabbath, and pianist Bill Evans.

Al is one of the few players who double on guitar and bass to appear in Guitar Player Magazine’s Spotlight column.

He is currently performing with the jazz/rock group Continuum.

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"Rarely have I heard a musician that can double on the bass and guitar with the proficiency that I am hearing from Al Garcia..."

Prognosis Web Site (MJ Brady)

"... he weaves tasteful tendrils of fusion heat without kissing the sneakers of Jaco and Stanley. "

All About Jazz (Todd Jenkins) 

"Al Garcia wants to prove that the bass is not only a rhythm instrument, and that jazz and fusion are not dead; and reaches both objectives in such a masterful way that no more doubts can arise about either topic. Rating: 10 out of 10" (Marco Piva)  

"Garcia is an impeccable bassist and guitar player."

Turk's Head Review    

"If you are a lover of the bass, jazzfusion, and Holdsworthian guitar, Al Garcia has a cd for you to check out.."

Prognosis Web Site (MJ Brady)