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This is an intriguing set. Although there have been many types of "fusions" of jazz with other types of music, only a relatively few projects have mixed jazz with World Music from foreign countries. Quarteto Nuevo's music goes through quite a few different moods yet remains gentle, subtle, melodic and often rhythmically complex ... this CD almost seems like a suite, with one number leading to the next. More information about this excellent Jazz/world music recording is available from
The CD cover art depicts a well-dressed Latin man sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar in his hand,looking at sheet music. Imagery of a softly performed Spanish serenade comes to mind. However, reality dictates that the band's overall scope and manner of execution is quite a bit more - all encompassing. What this quintet effectively does, is to merge Andean folk, North Indian classical, Latin and jazz with an organic feel that also packs a wallop! They're really a quintet, yet their moniker has a certain, romantic tinge to it. A primary point of interest resides within the group's quasi world-beat/jazz interpretations of drummer Jack DeJohnette's lovely "Silver Hollow," Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke's bustling "Song To John", and more.
The ensemble' s razor-sharp precision is enhanced by its jazzy interludes, lightly rumbling percussion motifs and difficult to navigate, time signatures. With " Todos las estrellas" the artists' ingrain a distinct of mysticism into series of cross-cultural rhythmic structures amid exotic lines, performed on the Thai flute. They effectively meld the music of ancient worlds and faraway places with a contemporary jazz-based groove. Ultimately, this wonderful outing signifies one of the major surprises of the year! (Passionately recommended)
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One of the larger quartetos out there now Quarteto Nuevo comes from a rhythmic sensibility as might be expected from a drummer-led band. But it is not your usual hit-you-over-the-head snares and tom-toms. For this band Christopher Garcia has discarded much of the ordinary drum kit (no snares, tom-toms, or bass drums) in favor of tabla, a family of lightly struck cymbals, and a variety of oriental instruments. The band often plays in odd meter grooves well served by the percussionist. The other players have also rethought their instruments, resulting in a unique but natural band sound. That the music works as well as it does (It is remarkably uncluttered.) is due mainly to how much these musicians enjoy playing together.
Harry Scorzo sat in (his first gig with the band) on about half the tunes and gave the band a complementary, richer sound. He is a strong improvisor. (Garcia announced he is considering joining the band. Here's hoping he does.) He took one of his typically hot solos on "Silver Hollow," an odd meter piece by Jack DeJohnette. "Song to John" by Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke was reminiscent of Corea's Return to Forever band. Garcia took his tabla solo almost like a conguero. (He usually approaches the tabla closer to the Indian tradition.)
By contrast "Meeting of the Spirits" by John McLaughlin was high-energy (a la Mahavishnu Orchestra) with resounding guitar accompaniment. Christopher Garcia dedicated "With his Hat in his Hand" to his father, Don Alberto Garcia. Like much of his other music it was a piece of humility, confidence, clarity, and positive feeling--a pleasure to listen to.
Quarteto Nuevo's recent set at Rocco's was quite an international affair, highlighting tracks from their new CD, El Musico. Violinist Harry Scorzo sat in with the band as they proceeded to cover the world musically. Starting in the Middle East, they did an ambient, somewhat dissonant piece, "Invocation" that eventually shifted to North Africa. "Lucia" a gypsy styled number traversed through Eastern Europe accentuated by lively nylon string guitar and violin exchanges with bass adding texture. For the finale of the set, the band emerged from India with a percussion solo for "Even Picasso couldn't find her." They continued the tune going straight to a neighborhood in Brooklyn by playing an involved fusion of Indian and contemporary jazz.
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"A group that's creating a buzz is QUARTETO NUEVO. They ambitiously play compositions by Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Egberto Gismonti, Paul Motian, etc., along with original compositions. The musical approach is quite sophisticated.......



  • Harbor College Music Recital Hall, Wilmington, CA
    Los Angeles Music Academy - Pasadena, CA
    Open Gate Theather - Pasadena, CA
  • Palmetto Convention Center - Greenville, SC
  • Rio Hondo College, World Music Festival, Los Angeles, CA
    Roccos - Hollywood, CA
  • Rosalie and Alvas Performance Space - San Pedro, CA
    Sacred Grounds - San Pedro, CA
    Sangeet -School of World Music - Los Angeles, CA
    Scripps Concert Series - La Jolla, CA
    UCLA World Music Festival - Los Angeles, CA
  • UUSM - Santa Monica, Ca
  • Quarteto Nuevo's members have performed and/or recorded with the following:
  • Abhiman Khasal, the Ahn Trio, Ancient Grooves,
    Toshiko Akioshi, Ralph Alessi, Aspen Jazz Ensemble, Airto,
    Joe LaBarbera, John Bergamo, Dusan Bogdanovich, Bob Brookmeyer, Dave Brubeck,
    Mike Cain, Park Je Chun, Alex Cline Ensemble, Nels Cline/CG Duo, Continuum,
    Aloke Dasgupta, Taylor Eigsti, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Eastman Jazz Ensemble,
    Martin Espino y Mexica, Falla Guitar Trio, Florida Wind Symphony, Vinny Golia,
    Alex de Grassi, Eddie Henderson, Joe Henderson, Bill Holman,
    Arthur Jarvinen, Lee Konitz, Larry Koonse, Hubert Laws, Dave Liebman, Russel Malone,
    Michael Manring, Bob Mintzer, Roberto Miguel Miranda, Adam Del Monte,
    The Moscow Symphony, National Orchestral Institute, National Repertory Orchestra,
    New World Symphony, Don Preston Quartet, the Red Quartet,
    Ali Jihad Racy, Gyan Riley, Rochester Philharmonic Pops Orchestra,
    Harry Scorzo Quartet, Putter Smith, Spoleto Opera Festival Charleston,
    Mochizuki Takinojo, Luis Villegas, VIO-FONIK, Michael Pierre Vlatkovich,
    The UCLA World Jazz Ensemble, and John Zeretzke among others


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