Quarteto Nuevo     El Musico

Invocation (clickto hear sample)
Silver Hollow 
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Song to John
Lucia (click to hear sample)
Early MourningShadows (click to hear sample)      
Harmonic Sketch#1 
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Even Picasso couldn't find her 
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Todos las Estrellas
With His Hat in His hand
Story of Maryam


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Invocation - Composed by Quarteto Nuevo,Quarviej Music BMI
An acknowledgment to those who have come before.
AG - bass, CG - tabla, bell plates, cymbals, spring drum, RG - silence
AL - cedar flutes, breath, KR - Tibetan dranyen

Silver Hollow - Composed by Jack DeJohnette,Arranged by CG,
DeJohnette Music BMI
This piece is composed by the brilliant musician who also happens to bean exceptional composer, pianist, drumset player, and bandleader - JackDeJohnette. Always an inspiration for his musicality and compositions, inany setting, DeJohnette also writes beautiful melodies. There are many differentversions of this piece, utilizing different instrumentation's. This versionutilizes a superimposed metric modulation, i.e., the feel changes but theactual length of the verse and chorus do not. The bridge has been extendedfor both soloists, as a pseudo tihai (a North Indian rhythmic device)settingup the new pulse for Alan's solo. Check out Ken's Pipa solo, and the pandeirogroove Randy lays down for Alan. East meet West meets East......

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, olla, RG - doumbek, pandeiro
AL - oboe, KR - 12 string guitar, pipa(Chinese lute)

Solos - Ken Rosser - pipa, Alan Lechusza - oboe

Song to John - Composed by Chick Corea/StanleyClarke, Arr by CG
Clarkee Music BMI/Litha Music ASCAP
Dedicated to my mentor, teacher and friend - John Bergamo.
Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea wrote this piece in dedication to John Coltrane.(Stanley Clarke's Journey to Love album with John McLaughlin back in 1975.)I did a straight version of this with Svajati back in 1984 with piano/gtr/bsand tabla. Since then I have added North Indian elements to it - oboe, guitarand bass get symmetrically shorter solos bracketed by a recurring melodicfragment, while still retaining the harmonic shape of the piece. The fullmelody is then played by all - staggered. Randy and I get to trade soloson this one, cueing the band back in to play the full melody - all the whileretaining the harmonic shape and rhythmic cycle. Back to the top.......

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, olla, percussion, RG - congas,
AL - oboe, KR - steel string guitar

Solos - Alan Lechusza - oboe, Ken Rosser - steel string guitar,
Alfred Garcia - bass, Christopher Garcia - tabla, Randy Gloss - congas

Lucia - Composed by Ken Rosser, RosserSongs - ASCAP
The original guitarist for Quarteto was (primarily) a flamenco guitarist.When Ken came in he brought his great sound(s),open heart and mind, anda fluidity with jazz harmony together with a history of playing a wide varietyof stringed instruments in a wide variety of setting from very differentdisciplines. (Quarteto reflects the more folkloric aspects of improvisation- musicos who learned improvisation through an oral tradition - throughactual performance rather than a text book. Fluid with diverse forms andsubstance from various traditions - not bound by any. Every culture hasits virtuosos and I thought it would be interesting for the group to utilizethat.) Ken can make music over one scale or over the thorniest of harmonicroadblocks, and still make it sound effortless. He has a unique sound oneach instrument, and unlike other string players, he does not tune the ethnicstring instruments like a guitar. He plays them in their own tunings whichmakes it all the more authentic and beautiful. He graciously brought inLucia one day and let us "Quarteto-ize" it

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, olla, shakers, RG - pandeiro
AL - oboe, KR - nylon string guitar

Solos - KR, AL, AG, CG - Olla, RG - pandeiro

Early Mourning Shadows - Composed byC.Garcia, Garciones Music - BMI
I used to play this piece on piano for years - since 1983 to be exact. Themusic takes me to a place I like to be. Ken opens the tune on unaccompaniednylon string guitar, and Alan makes the melody soar. Ken plays a wonderfulelectric sitar solo on this one (another one of his many stringed instruments)and Alan's solo is especially poignant.

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - cymbals, spring drum, RG - frame drum
AL - oboe, KR - nylon string guitar, electric sitar

Solos - Ken Rosser - electric sitar, Alan Lechusza - oboe

Harmonic Sketch#1 - Composed by AlfredoGarcia, AlfGar Music - BMI
I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by musicians who continuallychallenge themselves to make music they (possibly)have not been able todo in other settings. Alfred and I first played together back in 1978. Weare not (by the way) brothers. Alfred is Cuban-American, I am Mexican -American.This piece was originally a bass solo - we did it as a duet for awhile withdrumset. He asked if I would be interested in playing this with bass andpercussion. Alfred is a wonderful musician, an accomplished guitarist andcomposer in his own right, he has tons of music already recorded that hewill one day share with the rest of the world. The only electronic instrumentin an otherwise all acoustic group, (I feel everyone's playing is particularlyelectric.) Alfred brings his great touch, tone and (quiet) spirit to thegroup.
(Note - the bass part on this piece is played in real time, there are nooverdubs.)

AG - 6 string fretted bass, CG - tabla, kanjira, voice

Even Picasso couldn't find her - Composedby Paul Carman, Arr by CG
Jazz Fresners Music - BMI
Paul Carman is a multi-reed player who makes his home in Idwyllwild, CA.Best known for his alto playing in Frank Zappa's The Best Band you neverheard in your life, he is a band leader, and past member of Continuum. Heallowed me to "tweak" this tune, add the pala, tihai, and percussionsolos out front and back. It is VERY different from his groups recordedversion,(Paul Carman and ESP on the 9Winds label). It is slightly differentthan Continuum's version, (also available on 9winds) e.g., soprano and guitarplay the melody, not alto and synthesizer. We also added a guitar solo overwhat was the coda on Continuum's version. Randy and I get to trade soloson this one, primarily in diminishing cycles of 7 with a Tihai in 33 beats.Alan's solo is over another great groove laid down by Randy Gloss on tar-rineprimarily in 4/4. Alfred solos in 7/4 over a recurring harmonic cycle, andKen solos over a repeating rhythmic cycle of 46/4(!) at the outro. Greatplaying by all.

I guess this is a good time to explain why there are 5 members in a groupcalled Quarteto Nuevo. The group was originally a quartet for a year,butI kept hearing additional percussion in my head and decided to add an additionalpercussionist. But the person had to be special. A musician first who wouldnever lose sight of their ears for the sake of technique. Randy Gloss camein and brought his wonderful colors, rhythms, space,dedication and spiritto the group,(Track 1 is a good example of Randys musicality - he didn'thear a part so he didn't play a part) adding a dimension that I could nothave possibly imagined to the group. He is the 5th member of the "quartet".

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, cymbals, spring drum, voice
RG - riq, tar-rine, AL - soprano saxophone, KR - nylon string guitar

Solos - Christopher Garcia - tabla, Randy Gloss - riq
Alan Lechusza - soprano saxophone, Alfred Garcia - bass
Ken Rosser - nylon string guitar

Todos las estrellas - Composed by QuartetoNuevo, Quarviej Music - BMI

This improvisation starts off with Alan Lechusza, bringing in his nativeinstruments of the Americas to set the tone. (Alan's ancestry is nativeAmerican). Throughout the recording Alan plays music that is impossibleto play on a breath instrument. (Alan has never admitted this to me, butother horn players have told me as much - "When does he breathe?")And off the top of my head I cannot think of too many improvising oboists,other than the great Paul McCandless,and Yusel Lateef.
It amazes me that Alan still shows up for rehearsals with a smile on hisface, and a cup of coffee in his hand always ready to play and make musicnot possible to play on his respective instruments. He is also a giftedmulti-woodwind player, composer and improviser. He is one to watch and listenfor.

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, bell plates, cymbals, spring drum,
RG - riq, frame drum, superballed frame drum, AL - cedar flutes, Thai flute,bottle,
KR - Tibetan dranyen

With his hat in his hand - Composedby C. Garcia, Garciones Music - BMI
Dedicated to my father Don Alberto Garcia
AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - finger cymbals, cymbals, spring drum,
RG - silence, AL - oboe, KR - nylon string guitar

Story of Maryam - Composed by Paul Motian,Yazgol Music, BMI
Another brilliant musician who happens to play drums (and guitar), PaulMotian. Primarily known for his work with pianist Bill Evans, Keith Jarrettas well as his own brilliant groups, and turning the notion of what a drummershould play on its ear. Mr. Motian is also an inspired conceptualist. Thisis the one piece that I didn't touch- rhythmically, harmonically, or melodically.Its beauty is its simplicity. It is a joy to play and makes my heart smile.

AG - 4 string fretless bass, CG - tabla, beatered cymbals, spring drum,
RG - tambourine drumset, ankle shaker, AL - soprano saxophone,
KR - steel string guitar

Solos - Alan Lechusza - soprano saxophone, Ken Rosser - steel string guitar,
Alfred Garcia - Bass

All compositions, arrangements, improvisations
realized by Quarteto Nuevo.
Unless denoted otherwise


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