Christopher Garcia - tabla, kanjira, mbwata, percussion, marimba,PAISTE cymbals

Christopher Smith - nnnylon and steel string guitars, 12 string guitar, acoustic bass, sitar

Jacob Szekeley - 4 and 5 strings cellos
 Damon Zick - soprano and tenor saxophones, alto flute



Quarteto Nuevo has been a dream of mine for years
Compositions which have been with me as I have grown
through good and bad, sadness and joy

Music which I wanted to hear with this particular instrumentation
Guitar/Bajo/Breath Instruments and hand percussion
Played by musicos adept at execution, and improvisation
willing to forego their ego/musicianship
in order to let the music happen
(Not an easy task)

But, I was quite unwilling to write it all down
and bring musicos into this space
(This space between my ears)
But, in order for it to be realized it had to be........

Like any good story committed to the page, though
it still seems like it's missing something when
not experienced in the presence of others

For music exists only in the moment it is played
Filling up the space it occupies

Living, breathing
It is three dimensional

Once the music stops
it ceases to exist....

It remains alive
only in our being-ness
our consciousness

 our memories .............

 Christopher Garcia



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