Al Garcia: Guitarist, Bassist, Composer

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities


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This guitar trio based tune begins with a lyrical chordal introduction and then bursts into a driving rhythm in 7/4. The song alternates between the time signatures of 7/4 and 4/4 before heading into the solo sections that form the tune's centerpiece: two Holdworth inspired guitar solos and a lyrical bass solo.

The Eternal Cycle
The form of this piece is loosely based on the traditional sonata-allegro form used by composers such a Beethoven and Mozart. The piece begins with an exposition section consisting of two contrasting themes separated by bridge sections. This gives way to a development section in which the ideas presented in the exposition section are worked out and recombined in a variety of ways. The piece ends with a recapitulation of the opening material.

Lingua Franca
This piece combines afro-cuban 6/8 rhythms and jazz-rock sensibilities. A winding melody leads to the featured bass and guitar solos that form the tune's centerpiece. The solos are separated by a haunting melody that later leads to a section that develops some of the main ideas presented in the beginning of the piece.

A Distant Mirror
I have been fascinated by music from the Medieval period for a long time. It's reliance on the intervals of the fourth and fifth, reminds me of Heavy Metal music. This piece merges Medieval, Metal, and Jazz-Rock influences.

Two Shakes
This complex piece takes the listener on a journey through a mystical landscape. At the center is a lyrical guitar solo that brings everthing together.

All Luck Would Have It
This piece consists only of bass guitars and drums/percussion. A lyrical melody is alternately stated by fretted and fretless bass guitars. The two basses trade solos in the center and end of the piece.

I've Been Known
This piece began life as an oboe and piano duet. For this CD, I rearranged it for guitar, bass, piano and drums.

This powerful piece is also based on the classical sonata-allegro form. It is an epic composition that winds through a varied musical landscape. It transitions between the time signatures of 7/4, 5/4, and 4/4.A drum solo is featured at the piece's emotional peak.