Al Garcia: Guitarist, Bassist, Composer


Al Garcia: Tampering with Nature

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Tampering with Nature
This song is a mix of prog-rock, fusion, flamenco and Baroque musical elements. The arpeggiated guitar chords that open the piece leads to a section played chord-melody style on a Fender Stratocaster. This segues into a baroque/flamenco tinged section played on the bass. This melody is repeated and expanded upon in the next section which eventually leads to a guitar solo.

Cognitive Dissonance
Based almost exclusively on minor 11th chords, this piece features both bass and guitar solos in the middle section.

The Miraculous Mirage
This piece starts out with an edgy, angular section played on electric instruments that gives way to the "mirage", a more lyrical middle section played mostly on acoustic instruments. The middle section is a sort of Cuban songo in 7/4 that features a guitar solo on a Taylor nylon string acoustic. It builds in intensity and finally gives way to the return of the opening section which rounds out the piece.

"Voices" was originally entitled "The Voices in Your Head". It is a lyrical piece with Baroque and Classical stylistic touches. The lyrical nature of the song lends itself to Allan Holdsworth style legato phrasing which I used in the guitar solo near the middle of the song.

Irrational Exuberance
A change in style from preceding pieces, "Irrational Exuberance" features acoustic guitar and piano in the opening and closing chord melody sections. The middle section features a guitar solo played without a pick on a Fender Telecaster. This allowed me to pull and pop the strings for an effect similar to that used by county music guitarists.

The Uncertainty Principle
I wrote this piece during a period when I was listening to a lot of classical music, particularly Bach and Beethoven. There are touches of the Baroque and Classical periods throughout the piece. It is written in very loose Sonata-Allegro form, with an exposition section (the beginning), a development section (the middle), and a recapitulation (the end). There is an interesting, and very difficult to play, solo section in the middle of the piece that I played on guitar and guitar synth.

The Digital Maze
This piece was originally an instrumental that started out as a kind of samba and then mutated into something else. My wife, Karen Kuser, heard it and asked if she could sing and write lyrics for it. The lyrics are about how digital technologies are changing our lives. The vocal lines in the piece were very difficult to perform, but Karen navigated them flawlessly.

Out Into the Empty
An angular melodic line, played in unison on guitar, bass, and guitar synth, separates the various sections in this piece. The main melody is first played on guitar synth, then doubled on electric guitar. This segues to an intermediate section that leads to solos on guitar synth and guitar.